I’ve been waiting a year and a half for these shoes to hit the market. I was super excited when I heard about them from the buyers at work and they were excited themselves after they saw them at the show. Lightweight, rugged and perfect for many outdoor activities. I’ve been dreaming about them for hiking. I do love my Montrails but I wanted to check out some new technology.

The first shipment went in the blink of an eye but finally I got a pair of Merrell Pace Glove shoes. I was considering the men’s Trail Glove but I went with the women’s since they both went in and out of stock at the same time. These shoes are ultra light! As in 8 oz between the both of them. They fit true to size but I had a bit of a struggle getting them on because of the omni fit system. Aka, the tongue is sewn in so you have to wiggle into the shoes. Not that huge of a deal.

I was really impressed by the Vibram sole. It is sturdy on the trail yet very flexible. I stubbed my toe a few times and it was fine since the sole curls up above the toeline. I was a bit worried because when I tried them on I felt like it was forcing an over pronation when I was walking around but I didn’t notice it on the trail. I have a problem going down hills but I felt more confident in these shoes and bounced right down them easily. After a few miles in these I felt it in my soleus muscle (below the calf, above the ankle) but other than that they were fine. I had a problem with my last Merrells fit in the heel, but these were super comfy from the beginning. No breaking in time. I’m pretty excited about this shoe and look forward to putting a bunch of miles on them in California!