My Fave Yogurt Place: Yumi Yogurt

I think Yumi Yogurt was my favourite thing about living in San Mateo. Sure they have a couple other stores, but I dig the San Mateo one.  It has a cute little garden out front and the staff is always so nice.

The menu changes a lot. They do have some ice creams that stay the same but the frozen yogurts rotate. They generally have at least a few regular flavours, low fat, low carb and a wow flavour which I think is low cal at 13 calories an ounce. That always sounds good until you see the darn portion sizes. Go with the child size, seriously.

This is the child size. Yeah, I wasn’t joking. I generally don’t get toppings but the wow flavour was peppermint and what is better than mint chocolate chip? The yogurt here is so smooth and wonderful. And a lot. I ate the top part of this for dinner and got full. It was wonderful though and I can’t wait until I move back to that side of the bay.

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