Joaquin Miller Park

I went for a nice hike in Oaklands Joaquin Miller Park last Sunday. It was Mother’s day so the trail was pretty busy with families but everyone was polite. There was also an Ultramarathon going on. Those are some athletes! I cheered them on when they passed by, they were all having such a good time, even the ones that got lost.

I started out on the Sunset Trail and ended up on the Sequoia Bayview Trail. Funny enough, this trail has some pretty views of the bay! Yeah, just an excuse for a picture.

This trail so so pretty and once you get up a pretty steep incline things are a bit more moderate. On the steep trail bit I was huffing and puffing and passed 3 mountain bikers. Well, I thought they were mountain bikers. I was totally wrong. They were on UNICYCLES. This is probably the most hardcore thing I have seen on a trail to date. This park and trails aren’t all easy beginner friendly trails. And these guys were tackling it on unicycles. I was kind of shocked but I ran into them on my way back and caught a picture as I caught my breath on a flat part of the trail.

I needed proof! And I felt like a total wimp huffing and puffing. Oh well. The trail was pretty but I got a bit turned around because of the marathon markers. I really didn’t feel like doing an ultra worth of trails so I just plugged along and enjoyed the scenery.

This trail is almost well groomed through the whole park. I’m pretty sure I will revisit it very soon as it is just a nice way to relax. You can push as hard as you want and it is very safe since there are a lot of people on this trail, and probably not just because of the holiday. East Bay doesn’t have a plethora of shaded trails but I found a clump so I’ll be visiting North Oakland again very soon.

How did I feel on the trail? I bit pumped at the beginning because of all the people running the ultra. I actually started out when the 10k people were finishing. There was still the 20k, 30k and ultra people to run into on the trails though. I was passed by who I think was the leader and I was just in awe. He was going pretty darn fast and the bike leaders were having to keep up with him. Good job guy! My goal was to get to and from the car in one piece. I’m still not used to the chilly weather, but I’ll get over it.

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