Garin/Dry Creek Regional Parks. With Evil Cows.

I decided on another close hike and my phone was on the fritz. Figures. I got there fine (that’s a new one) however, trails here are not really marked and there are no trail head signs. So, in usual Shannon fashion, I went the wrong way. Well, not really the wrong way, but I didn’t want to hike up an unshaded big hill. It was called Vista Peak I think. It was high. My heart was pumping.

It was very pretty and really green on this side. I just decided to go with it and keep on moving. I didn’t really want to go up the hill, but that is where the trail was winding. It was a bit chilly and I’m not really used to that. I’m going to invest in a new jacket I think.

I finally found a trail marker, go me! So I followed it and wandered up the huge hill. Until the cows. The evil wild cows. Yes, they were wild. And evil. Very evil.

I forgot my camera so this is all from my phone, sorry about that. They look farther away than they were. I approached but they were blocking the path. And then started getting all grunty and cranky and giving the evil eye. I backed down and decided to try the other path on the marker. Got about a quarter mile in and guess what? More evil cows. That was the end of this side of the stupid park. I watched another guy do the same thing. They truly were evil.

It sure was pretty. And then I found the trails I was kind of trying to get to on the other side of the parking lot. Oops. Anyway, the other half which I think was Dry Creek was just more shaded and a better trails. There were still some steep bits but at least there was shade.

I really liked this side but the trails had a lot of forks and were not really marked. I circled back on myself and picked my way to what I thought was the same trail. Pet peeve, no coloured markers and no mileage on the trailheads (I barely found any I’d consider a trailhead) or signs. I mean, seriously people. Mark the freaking trails. However, the views were really nice and the people on the trails were friendly. There were a whole bunch of groups of bird watchers. They were annoying pretty much being in the way and not yielding to me, who was uh, moving. I had to ask people to move more than once. But that’s okay.

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  1. I spent many a day at dry creek and garin. I hate cattle being there, but they certainly arent anything to be afraid of, you just say Shoosh and they’ll move out of the way. Its rediculous when people act afraid of them.

    1. Good to know. THey seemed very cranky and I’m not used to cow sounds so when they started making grunting noises when I approached I took that as a bad sign. Especially when others turned around as well.

  2. I agree, these cows are intimidating. I’ve been around cows without any fear at mission peak, they don’t give you the stank eye …like garin park cows.

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