Let me tell you how excited I am to be in California in the spring and have the opportunity to buy strawberries! YUM! These berries were simply delicious.

Sure I can eat a flat pretty much plain but what else to do? If you can get a great price on them try some jam. Even if you don’t have a canner you can make freezer jam. Add them to salads, macerate them into your lemonade or put them in your smoothie. I’ve been slicing them and adding them to my daily cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. I obviously bake with them a lot but I also like to premake fruit salads to have when I want a mix of fruit. I have a great fruit salad recipe, I’ll have to post it soon. I’ve also been known to add them to a peanut or almond butter sandwich instead of jam!

I don’t think that strawberries will be my “it” fruit this year (the one I simply can’t get enough of and have to inhale at vas quantities) but it is always a good standby for me. For now, I’m kinda craving some nutella crepes with bananas and strawberries, yum!

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