So I was thinking as we were talking about personal goals at work yesterday. Since the move I’ve kind of slacked on my goals. I really need to push myself. Need a big goal that isn’t something easily attainable. Sure, eating right and most of my core goals are pretty tough (and I’m failing there since I’m still in limbo, but anyway) but not what I need right now.

I need a new excercise goal. And I thought of a good one.

365 hiking miles in 2011.

Now, if you look at the whole year that isn’t really bad. 7ish miles a week? Sure. But I lived in Missouri for the first 4 months of the year. There was snow, and cold. And in May so far I’ve only put out 10.9 miles. So I need to cover 354.11 in 7 months. Which is shy of 12 miles a week. Still keeping a job and other commitments. Like baking tasty treats! Oh, and moving into my own place, getting settled, probably travelling during thanksgiving… and so on.

Still seems plausible, until you see that most of my hikes last year were between 3-5 miles. And while I was trying for once a week it didn’t always happen. Last year I hiked 116.21 miles according to my Garmin (I was running a bit then gave up to hike). So I want to triple that number, in 7 months.

Hmm. I’m pretty out of shape and a beginner hiker.

It is lofty, and I think it is the push I need to get out. So let’s go.

… this probably would have been easier to start in January. Go figure 😉