2011 Maker Faire Photo Spam

Today I dragged my friend to the Maker Faire. The faire is a place “ to unite, inspire, inform, and entertain a growing community of highly imaginative and resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages”. Everything from SteamPunk to the weird is represented at the faire. It is an awesome place to get inspired and see how talented people can be when they let their minds create their dreams.

The first thing you walk into is legos. One of the first inspirational building blocks a lot of us have growing up. I love legos. A lot. And don’t worry. Corporate America was there, and I love the remote control Andy’s. Because Android rocks.

The crucible is an awesome East Bay institution. You wanna weld? Blow glass? Do more hardcore “crafts”? These are your folk. They are pretty damn hardcore. I totally respect these people.

There were lots of fun sculptures but the vehicles rocked. They all moved and were at times all wandering around the fairgrounds. The fly. Oh yeah, pretty cool.

My favourite exhibit was from Flaming Lotus Girls. The tesla flower was insanely amazing. I love love loved it. It was just inspiring. And neat. And yeah, I loved it. Obviously I’m better at just showing pictures.

Kickin’ it oldschool with some circus tricks. Bikes defying gravity. Well, this loop just isn’t that steep, but the guys on the bikes looked like they were having fun.

Found a good old St. Louis reference. Damn you AB, you are everywhere. And steampunk people love ya for your heritage 😉

A cupcake car. Yeah, the kids kept on mauling this guy. There was a girl in a blueberry muffin (I think it was that) but the chocolate guy got all the love. He honked at me when I took his pic. No, I wasn’t in his way 😉

I have no idea why the Halo people were there. But well, it was really popular and a funny photo op. The guy kind of thrust his gun on me, I just kind of wanted to give him bunny ears. But no, I had to hold his gun. Can you tell I’m not even comfy holding a fake gun? Geeze. Canadian much?

I really missed the husband. There was coffee and motorcycles. I took lots of pics. These are custom from Kraus Motor Company. I’m not sure why there were not more motorcycles. Guess they were all enjoying the nice weather elsewhere.

We went into the pavillions but most of my pictures didn’t turn out. Then we went into the bazaar. I wanted to buy so much. Not your regular craft fair crap. I did get a bunny tote, 2 tees and a VAMPIRE BUNNY MUG. Yeah.

The apparel and bag were from FatRabbitFarm. I’m kind of in love. They also were patient with me squeeling and having issues deciding what to buy. The mug is from Skeletal Dropkick. I saw a beige one and asked if she had any other bunny ware. She did and pulled out this black mug! She was so nice and when I asked about a shop she said that she would just meet me to save on shipping. Very sweet. I couldn’t decide on a mug for the husband (they had a pretty awesome bat) but I know I’ll be buying from her again. My mug even has a tail!

Most of my pics didn’t turn out in the halls. That’s all good. The main hall was all dark with colored light exhibits. There was a guy in the dark singing about the church of subgenius. Odd. The other pavillions were full of cool stuff, but I’m kind of tired of spamming you all about how awesome my day was. There was so much interactive stuff and things to learn and do. A fun time and I’m glad I got to go again. I went to one of the first ones before we moved away and now it is just getting larger. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

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