Parkin? Yeah, It’s A Royal Stretch

Yes, I know you are completely over hearing about the royal wedding. I get it. However, as you all know if there is an excuse to bake I love it. And after hearing those crazy kids were going all traditional with fruit cake for their wedding cake I decided I needed something a bit different.

I found this recipe for parkin over at The Radioactive Vegan. Not many people give a nod to ginger and molasses outside of the holidays. Parkin is a Northern England thing and kind of reminds me of gingerbread honestly. I doubled the recipe because I wanted to feed the people at work. Personally I think it is much more mild than gingerbread which kind of helps it lose that Christmas taste. And it tastes good. A pretty easy recipe and it isn’t too sweet.

I also think I’m one of the only food bloggers that gets to work with fun props. I love living with my second family. They are right up my alley! Yes, I took a picture of my festive parkin with a container of eyeballs. I mean, it made sense to me!

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