Onigiri. Aka: What I Do With My Leftover Rice

What is my favourite grain style of rice? I’m supposed to say brown but I’d be lying. My favourite is Japanese style or sushi. I love sushi rice. I don’t prepare it sushi style with vinegar/sugar/salt, just plain. I like how it is mildly sticky but the grains don’t get mushy. It isn’t the same as sticky rice, so beware of subbing that for onigiri. My second favourite appliance is my Zojirushi rice cooker, right behind my mixer and I use it all the time.

I really love leftover rice because I get to make onigiri. Which are essentially just rice balls. You can make them with a form (I have 2 different sized triangle ones) or just a ball with your hand/bowl and some cling film. There are lots of instructions online. Half of the time I make mine plain, but I’ve been known to put the most random things inside. Think of things that go with rice, then you have your filling. I’ve been very experimental and some are wins and some are losses. Just chop up your filling small to make things easier.

Instead of busting out the nori I opt to roll mine in furikake usually. Some varieties have fish in them, so read the ingredients (or look cute and have them read to you at the asian market) to see if there is something in there you are avoiding. A quick easy snack. I prefer them room temperature.

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