Hayward Farmers Market

Saturdays are great in Hayward. I found out that they have a pretty good farmers market. It is pretty small by California standards but it is about the same as the Tower Grove market back in St. Louis (when the market is at the peak). These pictures are deceiving since it wraps around the corner.

I love trying to live locally. This booth even brought their bees! I find that I can really rack up a bill at the market so I try to keep track and honestly it is a lot cheaper at the market here than in Missouri. I’m pretty sure there is more competition too. And a lot of different veggies. It is pretty awesome.

I don’t think there will ever be an egg shortage here like there was last summer in St. Louis. It is also pretty cool that it is year round. I’ve been averaging spending about $20, and that is with some pricey things like fresh hummus and pasta. I’m excited to wander around the bay area looking at different markets and maybe even going back to an organic box. I love convenience 😉

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