I don’t think I’ve ever been to a more generous (or as it might be after a time pushy) sample laden stall at a farmers market. This bolani and spread stall is by East and West Gourmet Afghan Food and they are local. We tried a bunch of their spreads and I settled on the plain hummus.  The bolani breads were tasty but I was all about the hummus.

The plain hummus is full of garlic and it isn’t smooth. I really don’t like smooth hummus so the texture is perfect. This is definitely a second to my Trader Joe’s hummus but I’ve been buying it weekly instead of going to TJ’s so that says something. However, when I went to their site I saw the hummus for $4.50 and I paid $6.00 the past two weeks! Looks like I’ll be going to Trader Joe’s next week, boo.

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