Don’t Be Intimidated In The Kitchen

I have never been afraid of the kitchen. I never realized how lucky I was to have this lack of fear until I went to college. Then I met people who couldn’t just throw things together. Even boring foods. In fact, my roomie had to pretty much learn from scratch and she did a good job too!

The cookbook and recipe following is quite new to me, even with baking. I can never leave well enough alone, even with recipes I create! When I’m testing recipes I try to stay as close as I can, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I just go with what works. When I don’t trust my instincts it gets me into trouble.

A week or so ago the husband asked what was for dinner. “A concoction” I replied. “Ahh, okay!”. I love that man. I grabbed a bunch of random ingredients and went to town. I started with Match Meats Breakfast Sausage. And I had phyllo to use up. Oh look, an onion in the crisper. And some Italian spices. Oh, some open veggie stock. Okay, a good meal is right there. Don’t forget the greens! I have a ton of spinach. Add it! I fried up the onion with some garlic (always garlic, always!) and then browned up the meat keeping it moist with veggie stock and then added the spinach. I melted margarine and worked with the phyllo, 3 sheets to a roll with margarine on each layer. Rolled the meat mixture up inside (forgot to add cheese for the husband, oops), brushed it with more margarine and popped it in the oven. I didn’t look at the time, it was done when it was brown.

The husband ate two and suggested a fried egg on the inside next time (he didn’t know about the cheese option). BBQ sauce on the side really was a good choice. Dinner turned out well this time. It isn’t always the case with concoctions. That’s part of the fun and learning experience. Are we having what I made or peanut butter sandwiches? Who knows. You are in contact with food each and every day. If you cook you learn more and more about your ingredients. When you learn more about your ingredients you learn how to pair them to suit your palette. Don’t rely on recipes for every single meal. Use your imagination. Try to learn something new with each recipe you try so you can apply it in a different situation. Do I use phyllo a lot? Nope, just really for baklava. This was surplus so I had to figure something out. I wasn’t in the mood to make the same recipe again. This was a basic concoction for me, not everything has to be gourmet or hard. It needs to taste good. The end.

And why bother with posting a recipe for this? Just have fun! Puff pastry, real meat, tofu, have at it! Soups are great to mess around with. Explore something new and trust yourself. The worst that can happen is you learn something new (what or what NOT to do) and you end up with either a tasty meal or a peanut butter sandwich 😉

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