I had a good time with this cookbook challenge. Cooking or baking 3 recipes a week got really stale after a bit, even with different books featured. It was kind of hard to plan out. I did it though, and I found a bunch of recipes I loved, and some I’m glad I at least ventured out into trying. I won’t bother linking to books, the images link to the posts that link to the books. I’m not making money off of the links anyway ­čśë

January 10, Appetite for Reduction

I really like this book and I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to revisit it because I was busy cooking from other books. I can see a lot of staples coming from here.

January 17, Veganomicon

Another I don’t use enough. It is like a bible of vegan cooking, and has a lot of ideas. Not a lot of pictures and it is kind of big, but I need to explore this one.

January 24, Urban Vegan

I found it hard to find recipes I really wanted to make from this book, but the ones I tried were good. Most of the recipes were out of my foodie zone, which is good and bad.

January 31, Vegan With A Vengeance

Hello, one of my first vegan cookbooks! This book is just stellar. I could probably use a new copy honestly. It is a great find for anyone honestly. The coconut heaven cupcakes are amazing. Yet I didn’t make them because I wanted to try new recipes. I did!

February 7, Eat, Drink & Be Vegan

I don’t own this book but I went by Dreena’s blog posts from this book. It was fun and I think I will pick this book up. I think I pretty much dominated the ice cream and pie at home. Oops!

February 14, Free choice -The New Laurel’s Kitchen

A free week gave me a chance to explore this older book. It has a lot of basics and I really like that you can look up ingredients and it gives you a few recipes. Like for beets that I got in my CSA. Things like that. Some of the recipes have a dated palete, or it is just me that finds them old fashioned. Either way it was a good way for me to use the same ingredients in a different way. It was a fun week.

February 21, 500 Vegan Recipes

I love Celine and her blog, but I chose poorly with these recipes. Bummer. I still love her blog and recipes, I just need to pick and choose better. No big whoop.

February 28, American Vegan Kitchen

I stepped out of my comfort zone buying this book. I’m not one for substitutes and I had a hard time cooking from this one. It is a regret book. Oh well. The recipes were okay, but I had a hard time picking 3 recipes I wanted to make. I thought I was going to make the St. Louis T-Ravs but I never got around to it. And it only sounded meh. I mean, I can get veg and vegan T-Ravs here at some places easier than frying them myself. And the fact that I only did 2 recipes speaks louder than anything. Oops.

March 7, Yellow Rose Recipes

Again out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I’m not sure how much I will use this book but the Texas Caviar was fab! Yum!

March 21, Vega Vegan!

Not so sure about this book either. I’m just not into cooking in this style right now. I think it is good to have but I rarely use the guidance for Mexican or South American food like this. Just not my thing. I don’t like tamales, and I don’t think you need so many empanada recipes. Seriously.

March 21, Vegan Brunch

I do love this book, and it got me over my fear of waffles. So easy and so good. There are a lot of fun recipes in here and this is more of my cooking style.

March 28, Free Choice -Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

I love this book so I went with it. The cookie recipes are all fab and I highly recommend picking this up! It was a good way to end the challenge, though I am running low on recipes I haven’t tried from this book. Yum!