Oh Global Foods, thanks for all the choices! I picked this up because I was trying to avoid Nutella and it was vegan. Chocolate spread? Uh, yes please. I mean, it is called Bright Morning Dark Chocolate Spread, which means chocolate in the morning. Sounds perfect. They have other flavours, but I’m a dark chocolate junkie.

I can’t decide if the off taste is because 1. I am assuming there will be a hazelnut flavour because it looks kinda like nutella, or 2. if the off flavour comes from the “natural flavours”. However, you can combat this weirdness by spreading it on bananas, strawberries, in oatlmeal, toast or whatever floats your boat. I can’t say that spoonful pictured was a compliment to any other food, if you know what I mean. Don’t worry, I think I can handle finishing off the tub 😉