Blueberry Scones From Vegan Lunchbox

The first rule of scone making is to make them the same day you want to eat them. Seriously. They go to a weird texture land if you save them for the next day. Want a good scone? Get out of bed a few minutes early or even mix the dry ingredients the night before if you need to save a few seconds. There are vegan recipes that are oil based, margarine based, shortening based or a mixture. Each delivers a different crumb. This recipe is from Vegan Lunchbox and one of my faves made with margarine. Here is a link, look at page 209.

The second rule of scone making is to not overmix your mix-ins. Or else you get weird coloured scones. Yeah, I’m guilty. I was tired. I’m just too darn lazy in the mornings to remember this one. The taste is generally the same so I’m obviously not a stickler for it.  They are still tasty!

Make them and enjoy them!

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