Yellow Rose Texas Caviar

Honestly I’ve been sitting on this recipe for a long time. Green onions? Fresh parsley? Yeah, those are really not in my fridge, really, ever. Well, I used to have parsley in the fridge for Raven the bunny but well, I wouldn’t cook with it. I decided to break down and out of my normal repertoire and I am so happy. This recipe from Yellow Rose Recipes is really awesome. I’m on week 9 of this challenge and it is getting kind of tiresome. However, this recipe was really worth it.

It kind of has a laundry list of ingredients but each flavour is important, down to the jalapeno water. This is the perfect snack and great for parties. I plan on making it over and over again. It also is great in the fridge days later. Unfortunately I lost more than half of it to the floor in my photo shoot. I was fine with the loss before I tasted it, and then I got mad. Oh well, an excuse to use up the last bit of the green onions and parsley and make it again!

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