When life (or your CSA) gives you dried black beans and you have Viva Vegan! on the roster, you know what is going to happen. I love beans and rice. This recipe is pretty basic. I’m used to more spice and flair, but honestly this is a great base. The recipe says they are mild but I wasn’t prepared for just how mild. Just this recipe over rice? Meh. Add some spicy salsa? Yum! Put in a tortilla with some fixin’s? Great! Serve with tofu or quinoa? There are so many ways! This is not very spicy by itself, and I’m a spicy kinda lover, so when I portion out some of these they really¬†benefit¬†from hot sauce or salsa.

My beans didn’t take 2 hours to cook, and they ran a bit dry early. It was maybe 1:20 in cooking time, or a little less. I also added a whole tin of tomatoes instead of the 1/2 cup and let the juices cook out without covering.