Tomato Salad with Sweet Crisp Onions from Viva Vegan!

Before you go dissin’ my plate of onions, let me tell you that this recipe is made for sweet onions, like Vidalia.  No, not all onions are strong and burny and gross. I had a red onion and I don’t mind the onion taste so I took a queue from Viva Vegan! and proceeded with the national salad of Chile.

Let me point out that soaking the onions in ice water really crisps them up and mellows them out. Don’t skip this. You could end up with bitter onions and well, not cool in a raw onion salad. The only problem I had with this recipe is that it called for dried basil. Yeah. In the height of summer I’m going to live off of this salad, with FRESH basil. Dried is just so….meh. It reminds me of when I went to a South American restaurant in town and there was just a pile of dried herbs all over my veggies, not cooked into the dish. When I’m out I’m pretty sure that it isn’t too much to ask for fresh herbs. It made my meal taste stale and kind of boring, mostly because the herbs were not cooked. They do have their place in cooked foods and salad dressings (if I must) but when serving fresh local food, don’t cheap out with dried herbs that have been sitting in the back of your cabinet for years.

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