Saturday Night Book Geeking

What did we do Saturday night? Hung out with a bunch of geeks. Yeah, really. The crowd was a bunch of fantasy geeks because Pat Rothfuss was in town. We headed down to Left Bank Books in the city and hung out for a few hours.

There was a huge crowd and I hadn’t been at Left Bank downtown, only in the Central West End. This one has a bar, sweet! Well, it was sweet until the husband got wine dumped on him, but at least it didn’t hit the books. I sacrificed my right foot to keep a drunkard from our UK 1st edition that the husband wanted signed. In case you didn’t know it was also St. Patricks Day weekend here in the STL so everyone had been drunk since about 10am or whenever the parade started. Yeah. I’d say it was abnormal, but really people were just a few hours ahead in their drunken schedule in the grand scheme of things.

Pat gave a good talk and was very personable. There were so many people there! It was packed in the basement and then we had to go up in waves to get books signed. Someone else had baked him cupcakes, he was covered. Don’t worry dear readers, I know how you think.  😉

I think this next one was after I said I didn’t like the first book. The husband told me to stop saying that out loud. It was kinda like saying “I hate Firefly” at a Browncoat convention. Okay, that totally wasn’t the context of the mid sentence snapshot, but it would have been really funny.

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