My word, I baked these for 20 minutes instead of 12 and could barely get a hint of colour on them. The photo is deceiving, and not in true light. They are a bit scary in natural light. These are from American Vegan Kitchen for the weekly challenge. They were not very pretzelly at all. But very very garlicy.

Well, the husband was afraid of them. They looked a bit…pasty. “Aren’t they supposed to be brown” was muttered. In all honesty I don’t blame him, but I tore into one. It had more of a chewy roll texture from the boiling, like a bagel. I have no idea why there is cornstarch on the top in the slurry put on pre-baking but it made the tops look unappetizing and possibly prevented browning. I wouldn’t add that again. I made these on the thick side to use as rolls, and honestly they will be perfect for that application.

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