Okay, I don’t like sweet potatoes. I know, it is kind of weird. I don’t even like them french fried. And I have a french fry problem. A very bad problem. I will eat a few if there is spicy ketchup, but honestly it is a vehicle for the ketchup. I can pass them by. But I got them in my CSA, and now I have to use them.

So when I saw a dessert recipe featuring sweet potatoes in Viva Vegan! I went there. Because if anything could get me over to the dark healthy side, it would be dessert. The name sounded promising: Dulce De Batata, Sweet Potato Sweet Mash. Hell, it had the word sweet twice in the translation.

Well, the bad news is it still tastes like sweet potatoes. I could NOT imagine using this in the cake featured in the recipe book. It isn’t like the Needham Candy at all. I mean, there was no obvious “I’m eating potatoes!” in the Needham dessert but this one tasted like… sweet sweet potatoes. I guess that is the point.

While I’m not in love, I have a feeling this would be pretty good as an oatmeal mix-in so I’m keeping the batch for that purpose.

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