Chocolate Sunbutter Energy Balls

When I first saw this recipe for Energy Balls I thought it was right up my alley.  I finally got around to making a batch and it is a pretty huge batch! And yeah, I didn’t even finish forming them.

I don’t know why I was expecting sweet, maybe because all the other raw balls I make are sweet I just assumed. There is no sugar in these. No dates. No fruit. Just nuts and such. So my mouth was thinking sweet, and these were not even close. Which is fine. However, without the sweet, I think the cocoa is kind of useless. You don’t get that chocolatey flavour, or I don’t because I associate it with sweet. And I’d rather just eat nuts.

So this recipe isn’t for me. I highly suggest making your own sunflower seed butter, because it is darn expensive. This did make a lot of balls for me, so if you want a nut filled treat this is great. I need a bit of sweetness though, so they just tasted off to me. Oh well. Maybe add some agave or sugar and have a bit more of a treat.

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