2nd Annual Fat Tuesday King Cake

Last year I made a King Cake, mostly because I wanted to bake. This year it was about tradition. St. Louis is the sister city to New Orleans so Mardi Gras is a pretty huge celebration. And I should have made 2 cakes,  since this one was demolished by 10am. Oops.

I had some technical difficulties last year with the icing, and this year was no different. Oh well. I should have bought new sprinkles, but instead I used the same ones that frustrated me last year. And then the icing started to melt in the car since I had the heat on the floorboards. Yeah. Didn’t think of that.  I did the same style of cinnamon cream cheese filling and it was very good. Same recipe too!

It did taste awesome. This recipe is so dead easy, I doubt I will want to veer off the tried and true for this type of cake. Next year I’ll try to make it bigger  since it bloomed in the oven and looks more like an oversized bagel or donut. That’s purely my fault for not taking the time to stretch the dough more. Hey, it got inhaled and compliments, it didn’t need to look perfect, right?

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