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Vegan With A Vengeance Tofu Scramble

Today is a “snow” day so I can take my time and make a decent breakfast. These are few and far between in my company, which means the weather is going to be really bad :(. Oh, and I’ve been up since 5am with a really sore back. So slaving in the kitchen might not be in the cards.

So something easy is needed. This is the first tofu scramble I ever made, so I decided to revisit. Vegan With A Vengeance is such an awesome cookbook. I didn’t have any mushrooms today and I really think this scramble benefits from the mushrooms. Oh well. I’ve actually never had scrambled eggs so I can’t compare but it is a fun tasty breakfast or brunch. Oh yeah, it has a ton of protein. I served it with roasted veggies and toast.

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