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I hang out over at MakeupAlley (on the fitness board most currently) and the girls are always talking about their favourite protein powders. Someone brought up where she customizes exactly what she wants. A build-your-own site really. And they have a ton of flavour additives. So I ordered the Premium Flavor Sample Pack (which is whey based, sorry vegans, and was on sale when I bought it) because I didn’t want to get stuck with a huge weight of protein powder flavour I hated. I figured I’d go through the whey sample packets with probiotics and digestive supplements to help digest the whey and see what flavours I liked best. Then I could build my own protein base with my custom flavour and different percentages of items. They have egg, milk, whey, casein, soy, hemp, rice, pea and so much more. You can also buy all of the elements separately and mix and match yourself.

I was honestly a little wary of this product (and the stomach ache) that it has been almost a month since I ordered and I hadn’t tested one out yet! I picked out the chocolate mint and blended it up with some almond milk and a few ice cubes. Wow. This protein powder is very good. Super smooth (probably the whey), and really damn tasty! It tasted just like a peppermint patty. Oh, and there are 45g of protein in this mix for 188 calories (plus almond milk is 248). Also, what is really cool is that there is a forum where people help each other out with picking custom blends depending on their taste or goals. Not sure about some different blend? These people are pretty honest.  I tried out the whey but I will probably build a vegan blend next time. The sweetened flavours are stevia based and I got no bitter aftertaste on some of the flavours (peach was horrible). You can also buy the flavor packs separately and add them to the plain protein powder instead of buying them pre-mixed which is pretty cool. A lot more room for variation. I’m definitely going to order again when I figure out my favourite flavours! I’m digging the coconut based ones too.

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