Sun Warrior Ultimate Raw Superfood Protein Chocolate

On the hunt for a great vegan protein powder, and I didn’t find it again. Ugh. I mixed this Sun Warrior Protein with unsweetened almond milk. At least I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get this one down but I will not buy it again. It isn’t smooth, it has a chalky texture which kinda sucks. I love that it is sweetened with stevia, but I got a very bitter aftertaste. I think if I blend this with fruit it will be okay, but I’m looking for something I can drink straight up with either water or almond milk.

I love the fact that it is made of rice, and is raw vegan. However I can’t say I love the taste. At only 80 calories for 16g of protein it is pretty good, but I’m not ready to give my soy blends for this one. I’ve blended it with frozen banana and other things and it is okay. But it should be awesome on its own.

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  1. really? 🙁 this was next on my list to try. i should’ve taken your advice on the vega too! i tried the vanilla shake & go smoothie & wanted so much to love it for it’s ingredients, but *ugh* – i could barely choke it down with almond milk & am thinking of taking the rest back for a refund.

  2. I actually love the taste of the Sunwarrior protein! It is not chalky at all compared to other vegan protein. I use Sunwarrior everyday and I love it!! Angela I would deff. still give it a try :)!

    1. The one bad thing about it is that it doesn’t have trial sizes and it is a bit pricey. I’ll baggie you up a few scoops if you want to stop by tonight. I’ll be home around 5. 😉

  3. I hated the sunwarrior chocolate! it has such a strange taste…it almost isn’t chocolaty enough. I have a whole bag if someone wants it! I love the VEGA SPORT!!

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