Local and tea. Two of my favourite things. Travelling Tea is in St. Louis! I saw them at a farmers market and picked up a bunch of little sample baggies, but they didn’t sell samples that way. Those were just to sniff and smell and enjoy the tea at the market. It was hot and crowded and I didn’t want to deal with getting x amount of ounces of this or that or anything. They didn’t seem to want to make a quick (and possibly huge) sale off of me. Since I generally spend over $100 on each tea order online, they kind of missed out on catering to my needs as a consumer.

So when I got tea in my CSA share I was pretty happy. This Darjeeling Autumn Flush is pretty nice. A great every day tea. It has some body which is a nice pick-me-up in the afternoon. I’d buy more but I totally dig cheap samples. I’ve learned from my impulse tea buying that I end up with some crappy teas in large quantities that I have to drink up so I can have room for the ones I like. So sad.

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