Patric Handcrafted Chocolate

I got this Patric Chocolate in my CSA and just had to share (a photo or two) with you. Yes, I got chocolate in my CSA. That kind of rocks. It’s local! Yay! Well, it is from Columbia Missouri, which is local enough for me.

This chocolate was some of the smoothest chocolate I have ever put in my mouth. Seriously. I was really surprised. And this flavour is vegan. Bonus points. The peanut butter is subtle yet right there along with the rich dark chocolate taste and a hint of berries. I love it. I also am posting this after the bar is completely done, so I don’t have to share with the husband. Hey, I’m the one that drives into the city to pick up my CSA! I deserve a treat once in a while. Plus, he got the cookies last time 😉

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    1. Local Harvest, and maybe Whole Foods? I’m unsure about the latter. But I got the original from LH, so I’m sure they carry the line.

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