Motivation, I Can Haz It? Please?

So as anyone in my life knows, I’m either ahead or behind the curve. Same comes for motivation. I can’t get on the bandwagon on January 1st. March is more my style. Or September/October. My goal outline never really covered exercise, except to be kind to myself. I honestly should have put in some sort of exercise goal. Currently, it is the craptastic part of winter. No hiking, and I’m barely making it to Kettlebell class.

I love kettlebells, but I don’t practice anymore. I just practice in class. And this is bad, since it is only 2 times a week, if I get to both of them. I need to come up with a formal schedule to push myself to do it at home. It sounds stupid but there is a lot of couch lounging that takes precedence when I’m at home. Which is really sad because you can have a really quick and effective 10-20 minute circuit. If I get up off the couch.

So my goal for next week is to do 5 Turkish Get Ups on each side every day. I hate the damn things. A lot. That is my minimum. If I feel like doing more, so be it. Oh, and I have a pass on Sunday and Wednesday because of class. The problem is getting back into the habit. I plan on starting on Monday because we have company this weekend. The main part of this week test is to just get moving every day. Then I can see where to go from there.

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