Laurel’s Fruity Beety Salad

This is the “free” week in the challenge where you get to pick your own book. The New Laurel’s Kitchen has a lot of cool ideas so I decided to use this book this week.

Okay, I don’t really like beets. I can tolerate them a tiny bit in salads but they are so not even close to my favourites. Oh, but I got beets in my CSA box. Joy. So I looked through my cookbooks for something new and interesting. Leave it to Laurel! This fruity beety salad seemed pretty weird. And it is. But the earthiness of the beets works great with the sweet fruit and the coconut. I would have preferred larger flakes of coconut but this is all I had. Oh, I even had the currants it called for! Crazy. It is a pretty fun salad and the next time I get beets I will probably eat them in this type of tropical salad. I never thought of it before! I’m sure if they were regular beets and not golden beets the whole salad would have been pink!

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