Okay, everyone is over pumpkin. But me. In fact, it is the only kind of pie I really like. Well, and butterscotch meringue. I haven’t figured out how to veganize that one yet. Anyway, I wanted chocolate. A lot of chocolate, and of course Dreena had the answer on her blog. From Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, this Chocolate Pumpkin Pie rocks.

The husband says it is very rich and didn’t finish his piece. I finished it. I guess it is rich since I didn’t want to eat the whole pie, which is really a change for me. I’m a self proclaimed volume eater, I’ll admit it. It does taste of pumpkin which is a bonus. Oh, and it is super easy. I almost felt bad it was so easy. Seriously, try the recipe. Maybe you can go traditional and serve this in the fall. I personally think pumpkin should be a year round thing. Oh and I really needed chocolate after my dentist appointment. No cavities, and I couldn’t chew well. Perfect! Now I guess I should go brush my teeth.

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