Beef Match Southwest Burgers

Looking for a quick and easy dinner? Vegan or just not into meat tonight? Well, I happen to love Match Meats, and this Southwest Burger recipe that was on their website was both quick and easy. I thawed my Beef Match in the fridge and then did a quick mix with the black beans, green chiles, corn and spices. The husband thought the corn was  weird but overall tasty. There is no binder so they probably wouldn’t be appropriate for the bbq outside. However, I threw them on George and they turned out perfect.

Don’t be afraid of the spices in these. The husband found them mild, which means that someone who likes a bit of bite would have to add quite a bit more. I think this recipe was 15 minutes total from fridge to table. I even threw in the corn frozen. Perfect for a week night, and now I even have leftovers!

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