Almond Banana Ice Cream

I don’t have Eat, Drink & Be Vegan but it doesn’t mean I can’t participate in this weeks cookbook challenge! Dreena has an awesome blog and she posts a lot of recipes. I’ve read all about the frozen banana “soft serve” from other food bloggers but this one really made me perk up. Even with all the blizzard like conditions we have been having. The original recipe was for Cashew Banana Ice Cream and called for cashew butter. Well, I have a costco size jar of Maranatha Almond butter I’m going through now so I decided to sub.

It was a great sub, and you can eat it right away as soft serve, or harden it in the freezer like I did. It still tastes the same, which is wonderful. I always have bananas in the freezer for green smoothies and protein shakes so this was a no brainer to make. I’m pretty sure the husband will polish it off in no time once he figures out it is in the freezer! He’s an ice cream junkie and loved it too!

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