Yeah, I Said Lima Beans

I think the husband has officially been convinced I’ve turned into a pod person. First brussel sprouts, now lima beans. Seriously. The prune addiction has been long standing and I think he was completely shocked at how fast I can go through a Costco sized bag of those things. Yeah, they are banned for awhile, those little dried nuggets of sweetness. No, no GI issues. Really. I’m not joking!

So lima beans. The one thing I took away from The 4 Hour Body was eating more beans. I love beans. I didn’t love the book, but anything that tells me to eat more beans, like at every meal gets a half sentence endorsement. No link mind you. Fruit phobia doesn’t work well with me, and he’s kinda crazy. Anyhoo, beans. I found a recipe in 500 Vegan Recipes for Roasted Lima Beans. Okay, I’m ready.

Do you know how HARD it is to find freaking lima beans? I even went to the normal grocery store. I found one brand frozen, that was it. None canned or dried (not that I wanted to cook them up to roast them)! Fine, because you can use frozen for this recipe. And it was tasty. It gave the beans a bit more tooth and there wasn’t a mushy one in the bunch. Super easy. I used garlic infused grapeseed oil in the recipe instead of olive oil, because I had it and I love garlic. It was a smart move. But a girl can’t live on beans alone (and stay married).

Yeah, that was my dinner. A Gardin Chick’n Scallopini fried up in my cast iron pan with a spray of oil, roasted lima beans, frozen Trader Joe’s green beans and some chipotle salsa. All for under 300 calories.

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