This recipe from Veganomicon is what all vegans talk about.¬†Incessantly. Hence my pure avoidance. Seriously, it is freaking chickpeas, and I do love chickpeas but enough with the hype. I chose it because I was curious. And yeah, it is that good. And easy. Well, mashing chickpeas is a pain in the butt, I’ll use my food processor next time.

Next time? Oh yeah. These were really awesome. I LOVE the sage and they held together well, but were not rubbery. I don’t really like seitan as I find it has a weird texture. These are made of vital wheat gluten but not kneaded nearly so long, and then fried. Yeah. Fried. I did it again. I think I’m getting the hang of it! I was super happy with this recipe and this book is just spot on. I had mine with stone ground mustard but I can see why people would choose gravy. I’m not really a gravy girl, so it wasn’t really appealing.

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