Shiitake On A Shingle

When I bookmarked this final recipe from The Urban Vegan, I thought it sounded hilarious. See, over at when you swear it changes the word. Shit = shiitake. Fuck = fork. And so on. Yeah. I’m swearing, it’s my blog. Write the editor a nasty note and get over it.

Anyhoo, I didn’t know that “Shit On A Shingle” is an official dish, that the intertubez credit with being US Military. Meaty stuff on toast was never really my family thang, oh, and we’re Canadian. That’s a whole other set of issues, but it’s not my fault for not recognizing this dish.We eat beans on toast like normal folks. In fact, the dish sounds kind of horrible. Replacing the creamed meat with mushrooms seemed pretty sane.

I only had 1/2 lb of mushrooms from my CSA and I was a bit wary. I knew the husband was probably not going to go near it so I cooked them up and made myself dinner. Besides my overhanded salting it was pretty good. The nutritional yeast was nice and it was a fun way to eat mushrooms. I haven’t really had anything like it before but I’d make it again as a quick comfort food. Of course, it is horrible to photograph, and I’m quite the amateur so I’m truely sorry about the pics. The tarragon and sage totally compliment the shiitake mushrooms here.

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