If I had read the ingredients to the husband when I was making this he would of said “Oh! You are making a teriyaki dish!”. Because it wasn’t spot on teriyaki but it was close enough for me to kinda hate it. Oh, poor Vegan With A Vengeance! I love this book, so it is totally my fault. Since I avoid the word “teriyaki” I didn’t even think of it.

It was easy to create, the asparagus stayed crunchy and the soy sauce and such just caramelized in my cast iron pan. Other people would have inhaled it. The fact that I actually did eat 80% of it says that it was pretty good, but just not for me. Welcome to week 4 of the cookbook challenge! VWAV is a hard one. Do I make recipes I love or do I branch out? Well, branching out got me this… eek!