Raspberry Swirl Poundcake with Lemoncello Glaze

A new week, a new cookbook! Honestly, this book wasn’t even on my radar until the PPK challenge. The Urban Vegan does have some pretty cool recipes though, so I’m happy I picked it up.  I wanted a dessert and I love pound cake. This seemed really fun as I love lemoncello with fruit (I’ll have to post a recipe next time I make it), so this was already a winner. Even with the fact that I don’t mix my booze and baked goods.

The husband loved this one. He liked that it wasn’t in your face lemon or fruity and quite mellow. Well, I liked it too, but the glaze and booze kinda didn’t float my boat. This is a personal thing, like the almond extract. I don’t like my booze diluted with dessert and vice versa. No big deal though because I’ve already eaten 3 slices minus the very tippy top. I need to get a darn swirly technique down. I’m pretty bad at it, as you can see in the next picture. Oh well. It tastes good!

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