Peas & Greens, A Winning Combination

I picked up Appetite For Reduction a few weeks back and shelved it. I was already overwhelmed by my cookbooks and I couldn’t look through it at the time. I knew I wanted it because I love Isa’s cooking but I wasn’t inspired to get it all speckled and dirty asap. I had baking to do.

So yesterday being New Years Day I decided to break the spine (well, not really, I can’t bear to break spines) and take my maiden voyage. Also, kick up some tradition southern style. I had bought some black-eyed peas and knew I wanted them in my meal on New Years Day for luck! Well, I’m the luckiest girl alive because this Hottie Black-Eyed Peas & Greens recipe is sooo good! I almost drooled on myself as I was stirring in the liquid smoke at the end. I used kale, and it turned out amazing. It was so easy too. I’m generally blah about leftovers but this recipe leaves me really excited. I’m glad I made the full recipe because I can have this tomorrow (and maybe the next day) too! SO good.

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