I’ve had this yarn for longer than I would like to admit. See, when I buy yarn with at least a pattern in mind, it will generally get used. I got this on sale when I lived in California. It was a good deal, it was being discontinued years ago, but still no plan. It is kind of a slubby cotton, and when I started this project I thought I read bamboo. Which was good because I didn’t have a lot of yarn and wanted some drape for the blanket. Halfway in, I read the label *gasp* and figured out that SWTC Beyond is cotton. Yeah, whoops. So not so much drape. As I said, I bought this a LONG time ago.

So not a full sized baby blanket, but honestly it is the perfect stroller size. And since it is going to Arizona, it was a good coincidence. And it has been washed and dried and will be fine to withstand baby puke. Also, In case the little dude decides to cart this blankie around, it is a bit smaller than some of the huge ones that parents are burdened with. I always hope the kidlet bonds with a toy personally, easier for the parent to carry around. I know I loved Donald. I’ll have to post a pic of him. Hehe.

Don’t be fooled, this blanket is navy. We had such a weird overcast day that I couldn’t get a normal exposed shot.