Manjelou’s Pizzeria in Clayton MO

Pizza by the slice is a foreign concept in STL for some reason. It is really hard to come by! I was pretty excited when Manjelou’s Pizzeria opened up by work, but the menu looked kinda meat and cheese filled. Not that I expect every place to cater to my “difficult” diet, but I did avoid the place for awhile.

We ventured as a group on a weekday between Christmas and New Years. Which is why I’m thinking the place was dead. At least I hope so! I was back and forth on if I wanted to eat cheese or not. It was a workout evening and it would kill me. Unless I skipped my workout. Back and forth. When I set out to order, I was going to order a whole pizza myself because I didn’t want cheese in the end. I’m fine with leftovers. I can take it with me. No worries. It was only a 10″.

The girl at the register looked at me like I was an alien when I tried order. She told me they could just make me a slice of veggie without cheese, but she had to go double check. Wha? Seriously? The guy in the back (who is now my BFF) made me a single slice of veggie pizza WITHOUT cheese. Okay, I get they were not busy, but this was an amazing experience. I was super excited by the whole idea (and not having to spend $14 on a whole freaking pizza, though now I kinda want leftovers). They evenĀ apologizedĀ for the wait. Uh, you made it fresh. And it was good.

The crust was chewy and nice. The sauce was a tad sweet, but it was really tasty. And $6. That’s a bargain in Clayton. 2 of the girls got the veggie with cheese and it looked darn tasty. One got pepperoni and I snapped a pic for the husband. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back, I hope people find out about this place too!

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  1. I like their pizza. Don’t get the pasta–it wasn’t very good. Unfortunately both of the times I’ve been in this place, it was practically empty…
    Hopefully it sticks around though. And the owner seems to be a pretty nice guy.

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