Happy New Year! I have a hard time resisting fukubukuro bags. Especially when they include tea. I ordered a few tins in front but the site was so slow I couldn’t really browse so I gave up with just this in the cart. This Happy Bag from Lupicia is very different from the last one I bought. The last one had a ton of mini samples which I loved. I’m still going through them actually. This year, I got some pretty rad things.

I got a lot of full sized tea! Those packets are so great and hermetically sealed, but I always have to remember to recycle my tea canisters. No big deal. I’m kind of bummed about the bags though since they are tea bags. However, tea bags tend to come in really handy, so it isn’t that big a deal. And I did get some good flavours. I’ll be sure to do a review on them all!