Hey everyone. Since I’ve been talking with some of my friends who have recently bought homes I thought I would share a peek into mine! Here are some old pics (since a tornado went through my kitchen last night baking) to show you that I can still make a small kitchen space functional. With a little bit of workspace I get a lot done. It has more piled on it now, but this is the ideal look of my current workspace:

I’m missing the bookcase I put in the corner in this older pic. It works out well for storage. But seriously, that is my work top. We kept the original 1930’s metal cabinets and sink. I love the cabinets but wish we had more. I also wish we had an original bottom set, but that could be something to look for on craigslist. In the bottom of the picture you can see our dishwasher that is parked beside the fridge. It has a butcher block, and yes, we have to wheel it to the sink for each use. It isn’t really that big a deal, and hey! Extra workspace!

I have the age old dilemma. Get a bigger kitchen and have to spend a lot more time cleaning, or be satisfied with a small one that is easier to maintain. I wouldn’t mind all my appliances together, or even a pantry mind you. There’s always something to improve upon, and maybe some day we’ll just expand!