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December 8, 2010

Happy Chanukah! If that is the spelling you choose, I’m not picky about the spelling personally.  I married into a Jewish last name and boy does it give me a darn good excuse to bake. I love exploring new foods and cultures. And having reasons to bake. I’ll take any excuse honestly! I didn’t feel like making Rugelach again, mostly because I was tired. How sad is that? Oh well. At least I’m honest. I saw a post for Vegan Mandel Bread and thought it was interesting. Pretty much Jewish biscotti. That is something the husband would be behind. Even if it didn’t have chocolate.

I didn’t think the flax would work out well (the pictures looked a bit grainy) so I used egg replacer. Kind of glad I did. I also did 1/3 of the recipe. Mostly because I didn’t want to have a lot of leftovers and I got about a dozen cookies. They turned out great but a bit plain for me. The husband loved them and they were inhaled (with coffee in the morning). When I was doing research on Mandelbrodt, I found I didn’t make Mandelbrodt or Mandel Bread, I made K’mish Bread. I personally prefer almonds so I’m kind of bummed I used walnuts. At least the husband likes walnuts. This was a pretty easy recipe, and something that would be easy and quick to make again.

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