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The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook Spicy Red Bean & Corn Stew

Okay, let’s just get something out of the way. This is what I used to call a chili. While there is a huge debate about what is and isn’t a chili, I would have called this one. I’m fine with it being called a stew. I hadn’t picked up  The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook in eons. I got burnt out on low fat vegan foods. REALLY burnt out. I had forgotten that I had a lot of awesome staple recipes from this era though, and that McDougall recipes are generally pretty darn easy.

It was super easy, super tasty, quick and filling. I had mine with some rice, but thinking back it would have been fab with quinoa. I didn’t have any onions so I went on bravely with the recipe. Okay, that deserves an eye roll, but seriously, just throw some veggies in a pot with some beans, tomatoes and spices and call it a meal. I’m looking forward to presenting my new version of chili, but this old sort of standby is always welcome in my house on a cold winter day.

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