Sparkled Ginger Cookies From VWAV

Happy Christmas! I’m up late baking bread for dinner tomorrow. Okay, it is just the first rise. I um, got a bit of a late start (re: 15 minutes ago) since I’ve been lazing around playing video games all day and evening. I got 6 hours in yesterday too! The husband is very patient, and knows I’ll just not sleep in order make him a fab dessert and bread course. Cinnamon buns for breakfast, not so sure honey. Sorry!

I made these for work this past Monday. I love these Sparkled Ginger Cookies and have made them multiple times. If you don’t already have Vegan With A Vengeance get it already.  These were soft and very flavourful. I don’t pussy foot around with molasses mind you and I only use blackstrap molasses. Then again, I grew up eating molasses on fresh bread so I am sort of a freak. The people in the office loved them too but they didn’t win my husbands heart. More for me. That is if there were any left over.

So don’t be afraid to go balls out with the blackstrap molasses. Some people truly love the flavour. I even use it on pancakes and waffles. Yeah. Seriously. It’s a great source of iron!

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