New Year New Goals?

Nah. I made my goals in September and I never feel a need to do things at the first of the year (or at the beginning of the month/week). This has been a hard fall/winter for me to keep to some of these goals but I am trying. Getting back into the exercise swing helps, and when everyone else around you is motivated it is a bit easier.

I really have to get off the sugar. And that is fine, and will be done but I can’t go without fruit it seems. I’m still angry that I missed all the summer fruit when I was low carbing. You know it is bad when I’m holding a grudge for so long. I stopped taking my probiotics last week and now I’m back to a stomach ache. Yeah, I think they were working. However, the Candida diet hasn’t been spot on either. Neither has the protein intake. All things that are easy to fix.

I need to start meal planning, and finishing off the crap in my cupboards before buying more. I hate the excess. I’m not a food hoarder per se, but I really do like having options. I’m loving my kettlebell class, and hope to get stronger soon. I still haven’t found the perfect fuel for this class, as half the time I feel like puking during the session. It is hard to find your tried and true exercise fuel it seems. At least for me and kettlebells. I could run eating anything. Same with typical gym workouts. Dance used to be chocolate milk (before I was lactose intolerant). I guess I just have to experiment. This should be a fun 2011!

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