Match Meat Stuffed Vegan Chicken: Mediterranean Style

I’m such a Match Meats fangirl. I can’t help it. When I went on the Candida Diet the first time, I found it in my grocery store and it didn’t have added yeast or sugar. Brilliant. Also, it is a kickass product. So when I saw these premade cutlet thingers, I of course picked them up!  They are officially called Stuffed Vegan Chicken Mediterranean Style in case people look at you funny for asking for cutlet thingers.

Then they sat in my freezer for awhile. My husband bugged me to make them a few times but I wasn’t in the mood. Then I felt like having a wonderful easy home cooked meal and *bam* they were in my pan!

I’m kinda (okay really) frying challenged, so I appreciated the directions on the packet. I almost baked them out of my fear of frying things. Yeah, it’s that bad. But I toughed it out and decided to fry. Look at how crispy and yummy that looks! It was easy! And I got some healthy fats in my meal. At least I’m telling myself that. These are super tasty too.

The stuffing has kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes and spinach and it is super tasty. There is some cream cheeze in there too that gives it a tang. They do have a bit of sugar (less than 1 gram) and yeast (damn bread crumbs) but this is fine for a special occasion (Christmas is Saturday!) or when not on a yeast free diet. The percentage is so low that I don’t think it would affect much. They are kind of pricey but this is what I would want on the table with friends coming over or for holidays.  A great big thank you to a local St. Louis company, making my life easier!

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