How Are The Goals Coming?

Wow. I don’t know why I can’t find balance in the holidays. Long work hours really affect what I do with the rest of my day. The lack of working out and the ease of finding foods that aren’t perfect for my body is just too tempting. How have I been doing on my goals?

  • Veggies at every meal.

Pretty good. However, I have been drinking a lot of green protein smoothies. I’m also not stress eating veggies, unfortunately. But I recognize when I am stress eating and that is a start.

  • 20g of protein at each meal.

Well, with a lot of green smoothies, I’m doing okay. I’m just not balancing my full on meals enough. I think this leaves me with a feeling of needing more, even when I don’t. I need to menu plan, not just grab things.

  • Cheese in moderation.

Totally doing that. It has been pretty easy to avoid it.

  • Think about my hunger.

Not so much. I need to slow down and think. Slow right down. I’ve stopped asking myself if I’m full or hungry. Instead I’ve fallen back into the just eating when I’m supposed to drill

  • Treats and baked goods in moderation.

Yep. Doing that pretty well too, unless it is between 4-6pm. I am feeling guilty even when I have a bit because I’m supposed to be off the sugar for the Candida, so I have to work on the guilt issue. I need to get the peanut butter out of the house. I need to have cut up veggies easier to reach. An easy fix.

  • Sit down at the table.

Um, the diningroom is unapproachable. After next week I’ll do this more.

  • Check that serving size.

Stress eating is mindless eating for me. I need to portion out stuff better. In other words, I need to eat at the table and look at what I’m inhaling.

  • Don’t stop working out.

Oops. I tried tonight. I have an advanced kettlebell DVD and uh yeah. I’m not close to advanced. At least it kicked my butt!

  • Try to buy more local.

Um. Oops?

  • Be kind to myself.

Complete failure. With the Candida overgrowth I’ve obviously not been kind to my body. I’m mean when I eat something that will affect it poorly like sugar or when I stress eat. I need to chill. The only one I’m hurting is myself, and that’s just dumb.

Lots to work on which is great. These are goals, and I can’t just make them easy for an ego boost!

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  1. Lord Candida is so difficult to deal with. When I was on the anti Candida diet I was horribly cranky and fatigued. And I craved sugar so much that I thought I literally had to have it, life or death situation haha. I’m not currently doing the diet because I have more pressing medical issues to deal with. I will have to be on the diet again soon though =[ Good luck, I know it’s really hard to stick with!

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