Back By Popular Demand: Peanut Butter Jam Bars

Another repeat! I know, it’s crazy. These Peanut Butter and Jam Bars from Culinary in the Country just rock. I of course veganized them with margarine and egg replacer even though I didn’t eat any. Oh, and still used homemade jam. Remember the local peanut butter I just reviewed? It ended up in this and turned out great. I did have peanuts this time around so I added them. They were good! I made a half batch and it was still more than enough honestly.

I love baking for others and find it a great stress relief. So even if I can’t eat what I make that day or week, I don’t really feel that bad. Of course, it is nice to have a taste tester around. I mean, if I really wanted peanut butter jam bars, I could just go in the kitchen and make them any time!

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